RCRC – Roundtable 2017

Det syvende årlige ROUNDTABLE om relationel koordinering afholdes i 2017 i Danmark 19-20 oktober. Arrangementet er åbent for alle som interesserer sig for relationel koordinering.

TeamArbejdsliv bringer den internationale elite indenfor relationel koordinering og social kapital til dig. Lyder det interessant, så sæt allerede nu et kryds i kalenderen.


Uddrag fra invitation, som også kan læses her:

Join us for inspiration from around the world, as we bridge our academic and practical experiences to create change through trust-based relationships.

At the 7th Annual Roundtable, you will see the world from a different perspective. Literally! For the first time, the Roundtable is taking place outside the U.S. Our location this year will be Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and one of the major cities in Scandinavia. Among other things, the Scandinavian countries are characterized by high levels of trust among the citizens, in the judicial system, and even in politicians.

It seems though that the level of trust and the quality of social relations are at risk in Scandinavia and beyond. The world as we know it has been undergoing dramatic changes. A populist groundswell is building up, nurturing a feeling of an ‘us’ vs. ‘them.’ Political, sociological and economic changes are raising the level of insecurity that both public organizations and private companies must handle. This calls for even more resilient organizations characterized by high levels of social capital and relational coordination.

How do we bridge the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’? How do we create trust in a time of distrust? How do we build relational coordination between professions, between silos, within management, and between managers, employees, funders, investors and clients.? How do we do this whether we are working in healthcare, community wellness, social change, education, human services, hotels, construction, transportation or global supply chains?

Trust and relational coordination are created through changes in our actual interactions. So let’s focus on how we actually make these changes. We invite you to bring your research or a case you’re involved in and put your head together with fellow RC researchers and professionals to deepen your knowledge and bring new perspectives to it.

The Roundtable is hosted this year by the Scandinavian RCRC partners, giving you a chance to explore Copenhagen and local organizations that have implemented relational coordination. We can walk-the-talk as we connect between research and practice, and also across professions, industries, cultures and nations.

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