Team Working Life ApS

Research, evaluation and consultancy for wellbeing at work

Who are we?

Team Working Life is a private research and consulting company. Our aim is to promote the wellbeing, health and safety, and working conditions for managers and employees across various industries through research, evaluation and consultancy. We base our work on:

  • High professional and theoretical knowledge gained through participation in research projects
  • Wide knowledge of specific occupational health problems across work settings gained through consultancy and advisory service
  • Methodological strength, and practice-oriented knowledge acquired through evaluation and process development tasks

Our history

Team Working Life was founded in April 2005 by four partners in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today our company is owned by six partners, and employ six staff members, and three students (see alphabetic staff list), who comes from different disciplines, and work collaboratively to provide research, consultancy and evidence-based practical tools for workplaces and policy makers.

What we do?

At Team Working Life we are conducting applied research, doing evaluation and providing consultancy within the fields of occupational health, work disability prevention, health and safety management, leadership, and workplace change and learning. It is our firm belief that uniting the areas of applied research, evaluation and consultancy creates synergies in practice, which gives us unique opportunities supporting managers and employees in identifying their challenges, and developing suitable solutions to improve their working life. Our three areas of expertise include:

Research for Better Practice

Team Working Life is conducting research with the aim to generate knowledge that is of value to practice and practitioners. Much of our research is funded by Public Research Funds, which guaranties high international quality and high relevance for organizations and workplaces. We share the results with the organizations we collaborate with, and engage researchers and other relevant stakeholders such as; health and safety professionals and labor authorities, human resource managers, occupational physicians, and unions and employer associations in knowledge transfer and exchange to improve the working environment and well-being at work.

Evaluation with Purpose

Team Working Life has gained extensive experience from evaluation of public and private programs. We focus on ‘what works’ and ‘what matters’ and aim to contribute to improvement of practice among professionals and at company level. We always design our evaluations in collaboration with the clients to clarify the aim and the most suitable type of evaluation. We wish to strike a balance between, on the one hand, qualitative depth and insight and, on the other hand, quantitative width and validity.

Consultancy for Improved Working Life

It is all about creation of better working lives and better workplaces. That is why we take pride in shared development and adjustment of our services in collaboration with our clients. We have a large variety of services and types of clients – public and private, small, medium-sized and large workplaces. We are also certified by the Danish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) to conduct investigation of the psychological working environment in organizations who received a consultancy notice by the HSA following an inspection/audit of health and safety at work. Such a notice is issued in cases where the HSA suspect the company is having problems with the psychological working environment.

External collaboration

We value our many projects partners and collaborators, who keep us up to date on work and health issues and ensure knowledge exchange and uptake in practice (see list of partners and related organizations). We have visiting scientists, and students who come to collaborate and consult with us. Team Working Life has university affiliations (i.e. adjunct professor/ass. professors) at University of Copenhagen, and Roskilde University in Denmark, and Linköping University in Sweden.

Team Working Life is a founding Organizational Partner of the Relational Coordination Research Collaborative, and the Danish Distribution Partner offering the RC Survey 2.0 to the Danish market in partnership with RC Analytics. Team Working Life has been in the forefront of applying relational coordination principles and metrics to fostering positive organizational change in the Danish public sector.

Contact information

You may contact us using the formula provided, or find the staff member you are looking for here.

Our address

Phone main office: +45 3834 5034

General email:

Main office: TeamArbejdsliv Høffdingsvej 22, 1. sal 2500 Valby, DK

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